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“Sometimes I get emotional over fonts”

Kanye West has it all, except for a typeface....until now. Since he's tweeted about his feelings on fonts it was time for some custom letters as big, bold, and polarizing as the man himself.

Yeezy Display is just that, a headline font (think ONE line of text, rather than a paragraph) that demands attention, whether it needs it or not (whether you believe it or not).

With three contextual alternates per character, each word is as fresh as Yeezy’s next album, which should probably use this font. Seriously. That's the goal here. It’s stencil-ready, with hard edges, round corners, and enough punctuation/accents for latin-based languages (English, German, Icelandic, whatever). Take a look.


(photo by Peter Hutchins)

Kanye, you should use this font. It was made just for you, inspired by you. You are the number one motherfucking rock star on the planet.1 It's priced just for you. There should never be a $5000 sweater2, but here's a $50,000 font. It can help pay for my wedding AND you can use this on your next album cover...all your album covers #madrichalert

Buy Yeezy Display - $50000

Hold up, are you really Kanye Omari West

Buy - $50000 Nope